Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ironies of Indian Advertisements

Indian Advertisement Industry is regarded as one of the best in the world in terms of creative content and brand making. I tend to agree with this as I have seen some worthless Ads on foreign TV. But again, there are plenty of them which stick to our minds for all the wrong reasons.
Here are a few ads which make me think the same thing everytime I watch them on TV.

1) Sachin Tendulkar's Aviva life insurance ad : Isn't it ironical that we take Sachin Tendulkar's advice for Life insurance? Now, what is Sachin insuring for? Is he worried that his 10th generation down the line cannot afford a Ferrari without earning a penny?

2) Shehnaz Hussain's beauty products : I always think they could have sold more of those by not showing her in the Ad.

3) Priyanka Chopra in Scooty pep ad : This ad has Priyanka saying "Why should boys have all the fun".. This was alright for me till she did Dostana. The ad just doesn't give the same meaning anymore. Time to change the line or the celebrity I guess.

4) HDFC Life Insurance Ad : This ad has thrown the words "subtle" and "sense" out of its dictionary. They have got one psychopathic philanthropist in this ad. Philanthropist because he says "Mein nayi waali laake doonga na" when the kid says "meri remote waali gaadi ghum ho gayi hai" and Psychopathic because he says "Aapke papa ghum ho gaye to???".. If not HDFC, this ad has definitely helped the shampoo industry. I hear many people start pulling their hair off when they see this Ad.

5) SRK in a men's fairness cream ad : What are we supposed to think? Shar Rukh anyway has a history of taking the metrosexuality to newer levels. Remember the Lux ad where he was in bath tub with heroines of different generations around him? So Mr.SRK wants to say "Why should girls have all the makeup"??

6) Dhoni's big bazaar ad : This is the one which says "Des badla bhes badlo". So you got to have a dress code to pick your car from the parking or the security guy will shoo you off. Dude...I got the car key.

7) Harpic Ads : These ads should start with a Precautionary statement. "If you are eating, change the channel".

8) Intel processor ads : Technically we have heard and talked about Inter-processor communication. Intel itself has spent billions of dollars on the technology. But probably they failed to explain this to the people who made this ad. They actually ended up showing two processors talking to each other.

There are a plenty more that I can think of but will save them for some other time.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This is my first hands on experience on script writing, screenplay, directing and editing a video.
Hope you like it.

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