Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This is my first hands on experience on script writing, screenplay, directing and editing a video.
Hope you like it.


ND said...

Well done Bads! Plus, it links with a good cause. So, double applause.
Where is Angels located? It would be a pleasure to visit them sometime. There are a couple of orphanages I visit, something like this may actually bring in some good.
(Btw, why not add subtitles in English wherever local languages have been used.)


Giridhar said...

A good maiden job. Keep it up!!!!
I look forward to your exponential growth in this field as your uncle and also with a selfish interest of getting myself some role/job in the near future.

Badarivishal said...

Hi Nam,
Thanks a lot for the comment. And thanks for the suggestion as well.
The subtitles were not included and deliberately so. I only wanted to bring out that they are talking different languages and not stressing on what they are saying. I thought adding subs wouldnt convey this point as easily as keeping them off.

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